At one point several years ago, we attempted to start a fund for flowers for classmate bereavements. We quickly realized that it was not going to be possible to find out about and suitably respond to each bereavement. Not wanting to leave anyone out, and wanting to honor all of our classmates and each family, we have decided to make a memorial fund for the class of 68. Terry Howell established an open-ended fund for us in 2008 to honor and remember all classmates, friends, and faculty. The proceeds from this fund will be used to improve the appearance of the school and grounds. We solicited donations from classmates for this fund during registration for the 2008 Class Reunion. With just those donations, plus some funds that were left in the account after the 2008 event, we were able to give Terry a little over $500!

Terry has since retired, but please feel free to continue donating to this fund whenever you wish. Send your check to:

McKenzie High School
23292 Highway 22
McKenzie, TN 38201.

Mark your check with "MHS Class of '68 Memorial Fund".