Now: I live in Palm Bay, FL where I teach chorus and Orchestra in the public schools; I also work at a very large Methodist Church where I am in charge of the Contemporary Worship Service; I direct the Praise Singers and band and do the arrangements. I am married to Arlene Anderson, I have 3 children, a 26 year boy, a 21 year old girl and a 16 year old girl. I am presently working on my Doctorate, having a masters in Music. My oldest daughter is a Senior at University of Southern Miss. majoring also in Music (Voice) and my youngest is a Sophomore in High School.
Brief History: Well....I attended Tennessee Tech for 2 years and then Columbus College (Now Columbus State) for 2 years graduating in 1972 with a degree in Music. I lived in Columbus from 1972 to 1978 teaching and managing a restaurant then moved to Savannah, GA and taught for one year, then becoming Ronald McDonald and a full time magician. In 1981 I moved back to Columbus thinking that I wanted to get back into teaching and started work on my masters in Music but was picked up by the McDonald's in Columbus and became the Marketing Manager over 12 McDonald's as well as Ronald McDonald. I met and married Arlene during this time. In 1987 I moved to Palm Bay, FL (30 miles south of the Cape) on the Atlantic Ocean and have been here ever since. I have taught music in the public schools of Brevard County as well as served as music director in a Methodist Church that has grown from 350 to 2600 in 10 years. In 1996 I started work on my Masters in Music at Southern Miss. and received my masters in Music in 1998. I am presently working on my doctorate.
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