Now: Married to Alden H. Gray, Jr. with one daughter, Esther Kathryn Gray Sharma. I have BA English/Educ from Memphis State, 197l. After Ricky died, I began working for his doctors with Page Clinic, Oncology. I went back through nursing school while working there and have been an R.N. since 1974.
Brief History: I went to Bethel until summer, 1969, until I moved to Memphis when I married Ricky. I lived there after he died in l97l. Alden and I married in 1975. Esther was born in Memphis in 1977. We moved to Pensacola, Fla. for Alden to go to school in l980. We moved back to Tenn. in 1983.

God has blessed my life with years of indescribable joy and at the same time a sufficient amount of pain to make me humble!! We have a country home in Huntingdon, but never marry a boy from the city and expect him to be a farmer!! Most of my travel has to do with where the Navy happens to send my daughter and her military husband Zuben -- So I hope right now that doesn't get too far away!! Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!
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