I left McKenzie in 1965, and moved to Memphis with my family and graduated from Central High School in 68. After working (and party-ing) for a year, I returned to McKenzie to attend Bethel. I married there in McKenzie to a fellow at Bethel, but divorced after two years and moved back to Memphis in 1974. I went to nursing school and worked as an emergency room nurse for 17 years. Around 1994, I traded my stethoscope and scrubs in for pantyhose and a computer, got a degree in healthcare management, and started working in the managed care field. I married Mike Lane, a high school (Central) sweetheart in 1997, (Betsy Byrd will remember him!) and have been blissfully happy ever since. We have two boys, (the four-legged Scottish terrier variety!) and, yes, I treat them like children!
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