Now: We have stayed in McKenzie. Been married 32 years to Steve. We have two wonderful children, Ross and LaTisha. Been teaching dancing for 23 years and work part-time at the Spivey Eye clinic. Steve is with the Postal Service. We enjoy spending time with each other and our family.
Brief History: After high school attended Bethel for a short while. Married Steve in 1969. In 1970 Forestwood Restaurant opened and we both worked there. I also went to work for Dr.'s Wells and Spivey that year. We had our first child Ross in '74 and our second LaTisha in '79. I started my dance studio in '79 been teaching ever since. Steve went to work for the Postal service in '79 and is still with them. We got to build our dream house in '95. Looking forward to retirement, so we can venture out and see the world. Thanks to all involved in getting our great class together.
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