Now: I did not get to graduate with any of you guys, but thankfully, in time, I did finish my education, and "got on with my life". I can truthfully say I have had a Wonderful Life. I also have never forgotten my classmates at MHS. Although, I was not ever one to get involved in the "politics" of high school, I DID enjoy MHS and all my classmataes. I suppose I was just too young and inmature when I left there to really appreciate those teen years. Age truly does make us wiser!!!

I work with the District Attorney's office for the 24th Judicial District. Am also associated with the Drug Task Force for the 24th Judicial District. Also am co-owner of Trolinger's, Inc. in Paris. Live on the lake at Paris Landing. Relaxation is boating on the Tennessee River/Kentucky Lake. Boat is moored at Pebble Isle Marina in New Johnsonville for the present time, waiting for a covered slip to reopen at Paris Landing. Am 5 minutes from Paris Landing and it's sooo much more convenient for the boat to be that close to home. During the boating season (early March - late November) I live on the boat, ---- forget the housework, gardening, yardwork and anything else except BOATING! Once it's in your blood, there is NO escape.
Brief History: I left MHS in 1965 to get married. Divorced in 1982. Without a high school education, for this young girl there was only factory work and waiting tables in restaurants. Got smart in the early 80s and finished my schooling and took some business courses and some classes at Martin. Went to work right out of school for an attorney. Went on to the District Attorney's office, where I am today. In 1985, I married a man who had been in the retail market with fresh cut meats and barbecue all his life. We moved the business to Paris. And after three moves with our business in Paris, and many trials, tribulations and sleepless nights later, we made it!!! We have a lovely home on the lake, with a son, daughter-in-law and grandson living next door, who also assist us in the day-to-day operations of the family business -- and yes, I still work in the DA's office with all its responsibilities -- and my beloved "boating responsibilities" as well. I hope that I can join everybody for the MHS reunion in 2002. My husband and I were at the last reunion in McKenzie. This one may be much too difficult for me to make. I just lost the love of my life in August, 2001, VERY unexpectedly. It's still a bit too soon for me, yet. If I am unable, know that I will be thinking of all my fellow classmates as everyone luxuriates in the fine company of all of 1968. I DO remember most all of everybody from those wonderful years and remember them fondly. My hope for all of our classmates is good health, lots of love, and the VERY best that life can possibly offer you. I love you all.
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