Now: Married to Jackie. They have two children, Joel and Jadrea.
Brief History: After graduating high school, I attended Bethel College. After completing a special business course at Bethel, I began work at Wilker Brothers in McKenzie in the stock control office. Later I worked as a Time Study Engineer until my first son was born. After he was born, I began teaching piano lessons, playing piano or organ for special events, and working occasionally in Chandler Music Company so that I could stay home with my children and still provide a little help financially. Jackie and I lost twin boys in between Joel and our last child, Jadrea. So, I usually say I have two children on earth and two in heaven. Jadrea just graduated high school (5/17/02), so I am just now thrown into a new world! For 27 years, my life has revolved around my children, so when the last one leaves for college in August or whenever, I may do things like clean my house up again. I've stayed behind on everything this year! I have been extremely busy with Project Graduation, Dance, Ballgames, Performing, and numerous school and community events that all the young people keep us hopping in. So "the last one leaving the nest" has not had time to set in yet. I'm trying hard not to embarrass everyone (ha). Sometimes I have to demonstrate that I'm one of those "can't let go of the apron strings" kind of moms. I do enjoy traveling. Jadrea has kept us busy traveling with her performing arts troupe (she sings & dances). Joel graduated from Union University and is now a Carroll County Farm Bureau Insurance agent. I am thrilled that he is still nearby. Yes, actually I am kind of a homebody. Even when I do travel, I like to take the whole crew with me. God blessed me tremendously with a great family to grow up in and a great family of my own to share my life with. Jackie and I are looking forward to 30 years together - as of November, 2002. Through all the good times and the hard times God has been my dearest friend.
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