Carolyn Aden Lovelace

Sean, John David, Carolyn, and John

Now: I live in Lakeland,Tennessee, with John Lovelace. We have been married since July, 1971. It definitely gets better and better. I drive 45 minutes to work. I teach English and Social Studies (my first year for Social Studies-I need Ms. Boyd ) at Sacred Heart School. I teach 7th and 8th grade-it is fun; I am as weird as they are, and they never notice. I love my job, or I would not drive that far. My sons are Sean Lovelace and John David Lovelace.

I am currently a Stephen Ministry Leader at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Lakeland. It is a one-on-one lay ministry to people in crisis. It is great. I am able to use my sociology background from college.

My son Sean graduated from UT at Knoxville with a nursing degree. After nursing for awhile, he talked the University of Alabama into giving him a four year scholarship in Fine Arts. He graduates in May, 2002, and wants to teach on the college level. He married a girl from Binghamton, NY. I did see Niagara Falls and the North. I loved it. I also hiked in Colorado while he was working there; that was great.

My son, John David, plays in the band at the University of Memphis and is still working on a degree in music education.

My husband John retired from the government and is working on a teaching degree. When all three start teaching, I may retire!
Brief History: While attending Bethel College, I married John Lovelace from Union City in July of 1971. I had a son, Sean, who was 18 months old when we married. We graduated and headed to Memphis for jobs. I taught at Southaven Junior High for six years. I had my second child in '79 and was able to stay home with my two children for five years. The next five years, I worked part time as a substitute teacher (That was great-no grading papers all weekend). The oldest headed to college, so it was back to work outside the home. I taught two years at Whitehaven Methodist Day School and then went to Sacred Heart. I have been there ten years.

I have not traveled a lot. I have always been busy with life and not at all bored until disk surgery last summer. I am recovered from that and hope never to have surgery again - ever. I am more pro-active than ever taking care of my health. It is more time consuming than it was when I was younger (as if I need to tell my fellow classmates that!). I have always been involved in a ministry for God. That plus my job, family and friends keeps me busy.
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