Dale and Deborah
on Their 25th Anniversary

What Deborah Really Enjoys!

Now: I live in Pinckneyville, IL (small town in Southern Illinois) and I work at (are you ready for this?) Murphy Wall State Bank where I am the Vice President in charge of cash and teller operations. I have been there for 26 years - I'll probably die sitting behind my desk. I am still very happily married (30 years) to Dale Davis. We never had children but we enjoy our dog, Prissy, and our two horses, Dixie and Baby Blue. We ride every chance we get and love every minute of it. We have had a lot of hobbies throughout the years; boating and water skiing, dirt bike riding, movie going and now horseback riding.
Brief History: We moved alot the first few years until we found our place in life. We lived in Alabama, Florida, Alabama and then Illinois. We have moved 5 times since we moved to Pinckneyville. I guess we like some change. As I said I work at the bank and I got where I am because they couldn't get rid of me and had to do something with me so they made me a vice president. Dale is what is called an Independent Landman. He works for different coal or oil and gas companies as a broker and leases or purchases the land that they develop into coal fields or oil fields. He also has to do all the court house work required to clear titles and find land owners. He is one of the few landmen still working with the energy business going downhill. For those who don't know, I met Dale at Bethel. He is originally from Southern Illinois ( Cave In Rock).
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