Brief History: We moved 5 times the first ten years of our marriage, while Carl was working for Fred's. We have lived in Huntingdon for 25 years. 34 years ago when we graduated from MHS, no one could have convinced us we were going to raise 2 (Huntingdon) Mustangs. We can't believe how quickly these years have gone by and yet we all still look remarkably the same. (Isn't it wonderful how the heart and the mind's eye can stop time in it's tracks.) Carl and I love to travel and see and experience new things. We have been fortunate to be able to do some of this and it is our dream to do more. We have been on a couple of cruises, one to the Bahamas and the other to Alaska. The latter was probably one of the best trips we will ever take. It really is the last frontier. We have also been to Hawaii and I traveled to Puerto Rico on a business trip several years ago. We recently spent some time in Germany. Carl was there 3 weeks courtesy of Uncle Sam (he is in the Guard) and I flew over and joined him for the weekend. Carl rented a car and we drove over as much of the countryside as possible in 3 days. We even went to Luxemborg. You haven't lived until you have ridden with Carl on the Autobaun. He was a master of the U-turn. To spend more time in the air than in the country seems crazy but it was worth every minute of it. We took our grandson (who happens to be the first thing we talk about in the morning and the last thing at night) to DisneyWorld in Sept of 2000. Everyone said he was to young (2) and would not remember any of it. I said, we are making our memories now, we'll make his later. Our kids, Paula and David, are doing well. She is married and living in Blytheville, AR and is doing a wonderful job raising our grandson, and David is single and lives a couple of miles from us. He plays golf, duck hunts, likes to fish and works when he isn't doing the former things. Carl and I are looking forward to retirement, not that our financial status will ever allow it. I am on the City Council in Huntingdon, serving in my eighth year. I have also served on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce for Carroll Co. for almost that long. We are members of First Baptist Church and I enjoy participating on our Drama Team.
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