Now: My life is rather simple and that is the way I like it. I enjoy our grandchildren and the hugs and kisses they give us; there is nothing more precious. We have visited many states over the years during vacations, but I have never found one I like any better than Tennessee. As for our work, Larry drives a truck to Memphis and back delivering the mail for the Postal Service and I work for the doctors at McKenzie Medical Center. My job title is varied: from insurance to nursing to whatever has to be done. Maybe that is why I like it so much and have stayed at the same place. I get to see a lot of people and I enjoy working with people. For a little side-line business, we own a mobile concession stand. we work with an auction company and do some festivals during the year. We both really enjoy that. It is a lot of hard work and planning, but the money is good and the rewards are great.
Brief History: I have been in the medical profession for 25 years. I've been married to Larry for 32 years now and we have 2 boys, both are married and have 2 precious grandchildren (girls), and we are expecting out third grandchild (which is to be a boy) in March. We are truly blessed. I still live in McKenzie, and I am a member of McKenzie Church of Christ where I teach a Bible class for little ones. It seems like a few short years ago that we were graduating, now we are about to celebrate our reunion and most all of us have turned 51 years of age, my how time does fly!!!!
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