Interesting (and sometimes embarrassing) Photographs

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(Standing, L. to R.) Linda Neisler, Linda Jo Hutchinson, Linda Lou Hudgins, Diane Brewer and Marian Fletcher. Seated to the left of the podium are Carolyn Aden and Cindy Summers. The others to the right of all of us are upperclassmen, I believe, and I don't remember who they are. Maybe someone else can name them? - Linda Jo Hutchinson Trolinger

Mary K., Peggy, Deborah, and Ann Taylor
With their "Run Sampson Run" singing act
(Assembly program - 8th grade)

1966 Party at Rachel's
Deborah Murphy, Genia Gill, Ann Simmons, Becky Shooter, Rachel McCaleb

Vicki Wiggins in about '66

Pride and Joy
of the 7th Grade!

Dairy Bar
The Early Years

Our Fearless Leaders


Kenneth & J.B. Explore a
Self-Portrait Machine (1963)

Becky / MJ Sleepover

Our 1973 Reunion

Our 1983 Reunion

Our 1990 Reunion

Hanging With Some of my Buds

J.B., Larry Lewis, & Gary Condrey
Blasting off in Summer of '65!

Richard Gooch, Rachel McCaleb, Genia Gill,
Ronnie Hall, James Gardner, Vicki McElroy
Kenneth Gregg in 1958

Early Deborah
(9th Grade)

Even Earlier Deborah
(7th Grade)

Kenneth Gregg, Danny Ridinger
Graduation Day, 1968
Thanks to Richard Gooch for the picture!

Vicki Turns 40!

More Recent Deborah
and Husband Dale

We've got lots more pictures!

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