Now: Been married for 32 years, worked at Goodyear for 30 years (hope to retire at 55), served in guard for 32 years - 22 at McKenzie Guard and rest at Trenton Guard - ran MSG since '92, presently the Operations Sergeant. While in guard, I've been to Honduras twice, California once; haven't been called up for any type of conflict thankfully. Don't know how much longer I'll stay in.
Brief History: I've been to Florida on family vacation and Jamaica on business for the church, McKenzie Church of Christ, where I serve as an elder. Daughter Chasnie has her Speech Therapist Degree from TSU, lived in Murfreesboro for 9 years (still paying for all this!!!), and is now back home living with us and teaching Speech at McKenzie schools. Not married, but leaning that way?? He's a good guy, hope so. Out son, Jeran married Mary Wood from Milan in 1999. No children yet. She's a jewel; he works at Milan Alsteel. Lodie and her twin Jodie own a beauty salon in town.
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