Teacher Information

This page contains information about several of our former teachers. I'm sure any of them would love to hear from you!
If you have additional information on any of these or any other of our former teachers,
please email Kenneth Gregg (kgregg@c-a-c.com.

Mrs. Naomi Blanks

Mrs. Blanks left McKenzie High the same year we did - 1968 - and went on to teach at Bethel College for 21 years before retiring. In recent years, her husband and youngest son George (many of you may remember George) passed away and she decided to move to an assisted care facility, as she was having difficulty living alone. She walked with a cane, but kept up with us throughout the tour of the High School during the 2002 Reunion! Many classmates were overheard telling her what a wonderful influence she had been on their lives during the tour, and she was visibly moved by every one. Update: Mrs. Blanks passed away in the summer of 2004. We were thankful that we got to see her during the reunion and express our appreciation for her wonderful teaching skills.

Mrs. Blanks at 2002 Reunion
Mrs. Barbara Boyd
109 Manley Street N.
McKenzie, TN 38201
Email: boydb2@k12tn.net

Mrs. Boyd attended our 2002 Reunion, but has since retired.

Mrs. Boyd at 2002 Reunion
Mr. Bill Kirk
1012 N. Stonewall St.
McKenzie, TN 38201

Mrs. Peggy Perritt
26152 Highway 22
McKenzie, TN 38201

Mrs. Nancy Holland
586 N. Carroll Street
McKenzie, TN 38201

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