Now: I spend a lot of time on the computer at home and at work. I most enjoy reading and computer games. I work out a lot and try to stay in shape. I enjoy most all kinds of music. I totally enjoy traveling. Our kids have always gone with us. After I married, I worked at the University of Tennessee, while my husband was getting his Mater's Degree. We moved from there to West Lafayette, Ind. We both had jobs on the Purdue Campus. After that, we came to the Chicago area for 11 years. I worked for Kemper Insurance until Andrea was born in 1980. We then moved to Chesterfield, MO in 1989 and were there for 7 years. My husband decided to come back to the company he had worked for in the Chicago area and we have been back here for almost 6 years. I never had a full time job until we moved back here. I mostly worked and was involved with my kids' schools. We enjoy the Chicago area very much, not sure where we will go when we decide to retire. Out oldest daughter will be a Jr in college after this semester and Amber is a Senior in high school (graduating on the reunion weekend!). She hasn't decided where she wants to go for college yet. They are both great kids and we have a lot of fun with them.
Brief History: They have lived in the Chicago for about 16 years. David works for a large international fertilizer company. Vicki works part time managing the office for a small company that is a Paslode Distributor.
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