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Son Scott's family (Ashley and Bailey)

MJ & Grandson Bailey (upper left),
MJ's Mother, Scott & wife Tammy w/family (lower left)
Scott and Bailey (center), Son Bob and wife Kathy (upper right),
Bailey (lower right)
Now: Currently in Greensboro, NC; divorced, two boys (Scott and Bob), two grandchildren (Ashley, 10, and Bailey, 2-1/2), self-employed as a system contractor. In a long-term, long-distance relationship. Enjoy quilting and other crafts, poetry and adore the grandchildren.
Brief History: Bob (some of you will remember him!) and I were divorced after 25+ years. We lived in New Jersey for most of that time. In the 7-1/2 years since then, I've moved 6 times ... PA, AL, PA, and NC. I'm currently here because the kids are here. Among other things, I've learned that I can do anything I need/want/have to do. I learned computer programming at Prudential about 20 years ago and have been employed in some programming capacity since then. (Pictures to follow after Christmas!)
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